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Vimkid website is online

vimkid website is online! vimkid, vim tea for you, welcome home!

Hi, there. My name is Kid. I will share something technology about vim in this website. Such as vimrc config, vim plugin, vim use config, vimscript note and so on. Just for your faster edit! Because my English level is limited. Something translator may be wrong, if you found it, you can send me an Email: 1730874730@qq.com. Thank's for your support!! I will modify it when I have time. However, this website is not only shared vim technology, but also share something other technology, such as linux, css3, php, shell, golang, sql, web server config, network security, load balancing... Otherwise, I have something interesting category to give you. Like book recommendation, electric guitar, guitar, REMIX music, and a lot I haven't imagined now. If you want to share articles in this website (free), you can tell me by email. This website is developed with: Linux + Nginx + PHP7 + Mysql + Mongodb + Memcache + HTML5 + CSS3 + Jquery with responsive layout. For faster response speed, the structure may change later. The website url is www.vimkid.com. Because time is limited. It might be some problem, but I will modify it as fast as I can. As time passed, it must become more articles here!

Why does this website publish on July 9? Because 7 looks like V, I is the 9th of the alphabet, so 79 means VI. 79 is the ninth Lucky prime number. Lucky means this website will give you luck. Prime number means one and only, yes, this website is one and only! 79 in the periodic table of chemical elements is gold. Maybe you can harvest gold from this website. OK, that's all kidding, you know. My name is Kid. Ha ha ha

At last, please allow me to share a chinese poem, "you can enjoy a great sight, by climbing to a greater height!! "

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