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It is a brief introduction of vim plugin. If you want to know more, please checkout the "Vim plugin" link in this website.

Five start plugin★★★★★

MRU         # open file quickly that you had ever opened.
NERDTREE    # not only a directory tree!
Easymotion  # fast move in current screen 
tagbar      # show class, functions,variables similar the taglist plugin
vundle      # manage,install your plugin in a easy way!

Four start plugin★★★★☆

Dict        # translation tool
vim-multiple-cursors  # multiple cursors
ctags       # create, jump tags in code

Three start plugin★★★☆☆

dbext       # database tool in vim, support mysql mongodb and so on
Vim-airline # show vim statusline as beauty as you want 
txtBrowser  # heightlight .txt format file
powerline   # config vim statualine as you want.
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