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Vim plugin of EasyMotion

EasyMotion is a jump plugin. You can jump everywhere you want with very few letter map. That's the most useful plugin I think. As showed in the figure:

EasyMotion plugin

EasyMotion plugin

EasyMotion plugin

https://github.com/easymotion/vim-easymotion download

Download package from github, then put the autoload,doc,plugin directory to each of the vim directory, you can also use vundle to install it.

EasyMotion shortcut

\\w    # find word after
\\W    # find word before
\\e    # find word end after
\\E    # find word end before
\\f    # find letter after
\\F    # find letter before

recommand vimrc map

nmap  fw <leader><leader>w     # normal map \\w as fw 
nmap  fW <leader><leader>W     # normal map \\W as fW
nmap  fe <leader><leader>e     # normal map \\e as fe
nmap  fE <leader><leader>E     # normal map \\E as fE
nmap  a <leader><leader>f      # normal map \\f as a 
nmap  e <leader><leader>F      # normal map \\F as e 
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